Saturday, December 20, 2014

Giving Back during this Season of Giving

Giving back to the country which has given me much! This is my 2nd December in this country and also the second time I have done this. I wish I could give more but I only had little to share; however, it didn't matter, what mattered most was the fact that I made them happy just for a day! I was so touched by their preparation, the parents and leaders were all there to greet me and to witness the activity. 

Ms. Aydel Welcome to our village. This is Mary, the daughter of one the community leaders who welcomed me to the village with a garland of flowers.

The processional to the make-shift small hut
Traditional Dance in Dua community, Kubuna Village, Central Province

The band with their traditional music instruments.
One of the boys! They are born singers!

Sharing the little food we prepared.
Fusion of native and commercial food. Instant noodles with fried fowl egg. 
Banana with green veggies. .
Kao-kao (sweet potato) with chicken and instant noodles. 
Buai relay. Adopting to local situation the traditional relay game. 
You'd think that buai relay is easy? Nope! Children have to go back to their base several times before reaching the end line.
It was a fun statue dance contest! more than the prize was the smile on children's faces.
Queuing for the gift distribution
A pose withe the kids who were part of the traditional dance presentation. 
This time with the teens! they were also part of the traditional dance performers.

Packing my simple gifts for the children.

Thank you Ms. Aydel! Everyone approached me for a hand shake.
It was much appreciated! This inspires me to do more! 

To those who are giving me presents next year, you can give me anything for children so that I could share it to those who are in need. Merry Christmas!

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